The Stuc a' Chroin 5000 Hill Race, 6th May 2017

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We are proud to announce that we will be hosting one of the UK National Championship AL races and a Scottish Championship Race on 6th May 2017.

The race is run annually on the Saturday before May Day Bank Holiday Monday. This year, however, as it coincides with the 3 Peaks Race at the end of April, the race is taking place one week later on 6th May, 2017.

Called the Stuc a' Chroin 5000 because of its previously approximate total climb (in feet!), the race up until this year was 22k long and the course record is 1:59:22 for the males, and 2:22:47 for the females. The Stuc a' Chroin race has had to undergo a route change because of building development work. These records will now stand as the permanent records due to the change in the course. New records were set last year and stand at (Male) Hector Hains (HBT) 2:08:33, and (Female) Jasmine Paris (Carnethy) 2:40:43. Against our predictions, the new course came in faster than we thought, and the lure of the sub 2 hour record still excites.

Many people have helped with the new sections and we're indebted to all who've sponsored and helped in whatever way they could. It's work in progress at the moment but we hope you like it. We will continue to try and improve the Start / Finish area and have already expanded it quite a bit in order to accommodate more supporters and a better infrastructure.

The new course is approximately a 5,000 feet ascent, or 1500 metres, and 20 km long. The changes are only to the start / finish location as well as the initial and last section of the race.

Just beyond the start Organised under British Athletic Rules and classed as a Category A Long Hill race, in its 21st Anniversary, it was last a British Championship event with over 300 runners and in 2013, hosted one of the Scottish Athletics Championships Long Hill races.

You can see some pictures of the work, some of the people, the old path and the new route here.

Usually blessed with good weather, its timing at the beginning of May does mean that there may be a variety of conditions - consult the forecast before your journey ... and don't forget the midge repellant as well as your mandatory equipment. There will be an up-to-date forecast of local conditions right up to the start on this web site in the Stop Press section opposite.

You can download and complete a registration form from here from the beginning of April. We hope to have a pre-registration in place, but you will still be able to register in the Inn at Strathyre Hotel at the South end of the village from 10:30am - 12:30pm, admission fee is £10. Mandatory equipment will be checked at Registration. The race is well marked all the way to the top; (note that there may be a limited number of maps available); stewards and water stations are aplenty and well supported by the local community. Renowned for its plentiful supply of water, jelly babies and chocolate all along its 22k, rumours that some runners actually put on weight during the race are to be treated with caution!

Some of the runners comments from the last couple of years

".. privilege of enjoying a well-supported hill race in stunning scenery and immaculate weather ... Many thanks to the organisers of this epic hill run which was well-organised and well-supported. We will definitely be back next year."

"Brilliant views and perfect weather conditions for this (my favourite) hill race."

"Stuc is a great race and is really well supported, I think I managed to eat about a full bag of Jelly Babies and half a bag of Fruit Pastilles dished out by the numerous marshalls."

"Thanks for a great race , the marshalling and organisation was first class as usual and along with the weather made it a great day !"

"despite the torture of running this course again it's still one of my favourite events on the hill race calendar."

"the best organised and marshaled race I've been to" (we did check, they had been on more than one)

Note that as before (2017), the prizegiving will take place on the field. In case of inclement weather we are setting up an extra Marquee

There is The Village Shop where sandwiches and groceries can be bought. The Broch cafe and the Inn both serve good food. The Munro Hotel and Ben Sheann Hotels have also recently re-opened where they serve food and drink.

One word of warning though - traffic through this popular tourist area, and especially Callander (A84 Stirling - Strathyre ) can be very busy on Bank Holidays and weekends so please allow an extra 30 - 60 minutes to pass through. There will be a significant amount of traffic from those attending the race as well, and traffic in Callander can be a nightmare. Other routes to Strathyre (avoiding Callander) are available.

The race starts at 1300 hrs.

We look forward to seeing you this year.




t'committee Committee Members From left

Graeme Courtney (Chairman), Steve Respinger (Secretary), Catriona MacGeoch, Jim Heron, Davey Allan (Treasurer), Dougie Aitchison, Wullie Dalziel, Ian Brydie










Stuc a' Chroin 5000 Hill Race 2016

Stuc in the middle - a rose between 2 thorns ...

was how you could describe the weather Friday and Saturday on a clear day with good but snowy conditions, in between the abysmal conditions on Thursday and Sunday.

1st 3 homeUnderstandably, conditions underfoot, (sometimes well underfoot) led to a slower finish, but still a massive effort for Finlay Wild (Lochaber) to finish in 2:25:24, Alisdair Anthony (Ochil) 2:31:21 and Andrew Gilmour (Carnethy) 2:34:45 came 2nd and 3rd. Congratulations to all our prizewinners.

1st F - Charlotte WatsonFor the females, Charlotte Watson, right (Edin Uni H & H) came in 1st on 3:00:14, just pipping Jill Stephen (Hunters Bog Trotters 3:00:32 & Anwen Darlington (Dundee Road Runners) 3:04:06 came 3rd. Great going again this year for all those 169 runners who set off yesterday at 13:00



Results below and Full results below (Click here for the race survey - all comments appreciated)

On a largely sunny day, although still cold and barely above freezing at the summits, many runners commented on a great run with the course quite wet in places and some snow cover up top.


POS. No.   Name Club Time
1 38   Finlay Wild Lochaber AC 02:25:24
2 40   Alasdair Anthony Ochil Hill Runners 02:31:21
3 56   Andrew Gilmour Carnethy 02:34:45
1 59   Charlotte Watson Edinburgh Uni Hare & Hounds 03:00:14
2 69   Jill Stephen Hunters Bog Trotters 03:00:32
3 45   Anwen Darlington Dundee Road Runners 03:04:06
  MALE VET 40+      
1 26   Mark Harris Anster Haddies 02:41:24
2 115   Donald Naylor Hunters Bog Trotters 02:42:11
3 164   Stuart Malcolm Highland Hill Runners 02:48:19
  FEMALE VET 40+      
1 75   Kirsty Bryan-Jones Dark Peak Fell Runners 03:31:05
2 13   Mary Lye Carnethy 03:48:05
3 126   Katy Baxter Ochil Hill Runners 03:53:38
  MALE VET 50+      
1 39   Alan Smith Deeside 02:42:29
2 107   Will Manners Strathearn Harriers 02:44:48
3 130   Jonny Knox Anster Haddies 02:50:16
  FEMALE VET 50+      
1 125   Andrea Prestley Ochil Hill Runners 03:05:58
2 140   Joan Wilson Lomond Hill Runners 04:04:41
3 98   Jo Polak Unattached 04:20:22
  MALE VET 60+      
1 44   Richard Toller Dundee Road Runners 04:10:47
2 15   Tom Bowie Unattached 04:50:14
3 97   John Widderburn Unattached 05:16:03
  FEMALE VET 60+ N/A    
  VET 70+      
1 78   Gareth Bryan-Jones Ochil Hill Runners 04:07:57
1 114   Stephen Rawlinson Lochtayside 03:06:39
1 40   Alasdair Anthony Ochil Hill Runners 02:31:21
2 54   David Cope Ochil Hill Runners 02:40:53
3 135   David Wallace Ochil Hill Runners 02:49:13
4 127   Grant Baxter Ochil Hill Runners 02:56:33



Quite a few photos were taken by Jason Allardyce, Archie Scott, Tommy Anderson and others, Jason will coordinate and I'll post a shortcut when they're available. It's also worth noting that Greg Boswell, he of grizzly bear attack fame, had a small camera crew filming him on the road back to fitness. Nice one Greg and hope full fitness returns soon!Race Finish

Many thanks to so many people who contributed this year and every year - Glen Ample Estate for letting us run on their land, Mike Holliday for getting a lot of water around the mountain, arranging access, ferrying people around and generally watching over us, Forestry Commission for letting us run on their land, Inn at Strathyre for their great contribution on all the events leading up throughout the year, hosting the marshal meetings and providing soup and sustenance for the runners and marshals and revellers.

Thomas Allan & Son (Plumbers), Kingshouse Travel, Sula Furnishings, The Inn & Bistro Strathyre. Stirling Stoves. Immervoulin Caravan Park. Strathyre Cleansing. Village Shop Strathyre. Airlie House B&B,  M&M Timber, Aitchison Enterprises, The Braes Farming Co. KPs DIY. Lochside Cottages. Ian Brydie Building Services. Heroncraft Scotland, RTA Doune, S Carmichael & Sons (Comrie), Roll On Flooring, Crystal Tea room (Crieff), The Therapy Room without whose support we could not do without. Thanks also to Pete Bland Sports for their support over the years and help recently despite their devastation in the floods in Cumbria last year.

Of course, eternally grateful to the infamous marshals and supporters who dish out water, jelly babies, encouragement and humour to the runners, registration, race finish, soup dispensers and massagers (Jim and Janette at the Therapy Room, Callander) at the race finish.

Finally, thanks to all the runners for turning up, of all ages and degrees of fitness, without whom there would not be a race to run.

We hope to see you next year

PS Remember our next race (Ben Sheann) Wed, June 15 for a quick midweek jaunt.

Full Results

Stuc a'Chroin 30th Apr 2016
Place Race #  Time  Name Club Category
1 38 02:25:24 Finlay Wild Lochaber AC M
2 40 02:31:21 Alasdair Anthony Ochil Hill Runners M
3 56 02:34:45 Andrew Gilmour Carnethy M
4 63 02:40:48 Callum Smith Edinburgh Uni Hare & Hounds M
5 54 02:40:53 David Cope Ochil Hill Runners M
6 26 02:41:24 Mark Harris Anster Haddies MV40
7 115 02:42:11 Donald Naylor Hunters Bog Trotters MV40
8 39 02:42:29 Alan Smith Deeside MV50
9 102 02:43:45 Sam Alexander Westerlands  M
10 107 02:44:48 Will Manners Strathearn Harriers MV50
11 159 02:46:00 Gregor Stewart Westerlands  M
12 7 02:47:27 Grant Rozga Jura AC M
13 57 02:48:01 Iain Gilmour Carnethy M
14 164 02:48:19 Stuart Malcolm Highland Hill Runners MV40
15 51 02:48:42 Liam Braby Carnethy M
16 135 02:49:13 David Wallace Ochil Hill Runners M
17 43 02:49:29 Stephen Winter Shettleston Harriers MV40
18 130 02:50:16 Jonny Knox Anster Haddies MV50
19 53 02:50:20 Fraser Drummond Edinburgh Uni Hare & Hounds M
20 132 02:51:08 Andrew MacRae Inverness Harriers MV40
21 37 02:51:53 Jon Gay Lochaber AC MV40
22 80 02:52:23 Donald MacKenzie Lomond Hill Runners MV40
23 141 02:53:04 Michael O'Donnell Inverness Harriers M
24 3 02:56:03 Francisco Valdes BNRA M
25 127 02:56:33 Grant Baxter Ochil Hill Runners MV40
26 58 02:57:35 Alex Luetchford Edinburgh Uni Hare & Hounds M
27 158 02:57:41 Julian Warman Hunters Bog Trotters MV40
28 21 02:59:10 Ben Taylor Unattached M
29 59 03:00:14 Charlotte Watson Edinburgh Uni Hare & Hounds F
30 138 03:00:15 Joe Donnelly Carnegie Harriers M
31 136 03:00:29 Stewart Wilson Inverness Harriers MV40
32 69 03:00:32 Jill Stephen Hunters Bog Trotters F
33 42 03:01:22 Gavin MacMillan Lochaber AC M
34 45 03:04:06 Anwen Darlington Dundee Road Runners F
35 125 03:05:58 Andrea Prestley Ochil Hill Runners FV50
36 133 03:06:28 Stuart Sanderson Penicuik Harriers MV50
37 114 03:06:39 Stephen Rawlinson Lochtayside M
38 79 03:10:14 Craig Freshwater Westerlands  M
39 70 03:10:30 Duncan Ball Penicuik Harriers MV50
40 49 03:10:49 Georgia Cottle Edinburgh Uni Hare & Hounds F
41 31 03:10:53 Stewart Barrie Hunters Bog Trotters MV40
42 30 03:11:05 Neil Waslidge Lochaber AC MV40
43 145 03:11:34 Damon Rodwell Border Search & Rescue Unit MV40
44 109 03:11:51 Marc Roper Westerlands  MV50
45 131 03:13:55 Thomas Knox Anster Haddies M
46 12 03:14:02 Alastair Ewen Bellahouston Road Runners MV40
47 52 03:14:13 Kath Reynolds Edinburgh Uni Hare & Hounds F
48 20 03:14:17 Mike Stewart Keith & District MV50
49 160 03:15:00 Owen O'Neill Westerlands  M
50 28 03:15:02 Graham Kirby Fife AC MV40
51 162 03:15:10 Niall Till Skye & Lochalsh RC M
52 103 03:15:46 Hugh O'Donnell Eryri Harriers M
53 105 03:16:10 Skylar Lobdell St Andrews Uni Cross C. M
54 2 03:18:00 Greg Boswell Rab M
55 104 03:18:52 Dan Wtson Lochtayside MV40
56 152 03:19:00 Juan Malcolm Lothian M
57 120 03:20:15 Andy Howson Unattached M
58 46 03:21:31 D Walsh Dunoon Hill Runners MV40
59 122 03:21:49 David Scott Ochil Hill Runners MV50
60 92 03:21:52 Rob Wilson Penicuik Harriers MV40
61 36 03:21:59 Graham Briffett Highland Hill Runners MV40
62 151 03:22:13 Michael Haywood Gala Harriers M
63 83 03:22:41 Robert MacLean Lochaber AC MV40
64 14 03:23:00 Steve Archer Ochil Hill Runners MV40
65 35 03:24:54 Micah Stanbridge Carnethy M
66 106 03:25:17 Simon Titmuss Carnethy MV40
67 34 03:25:22 Allen Flockhart Carnethy M
68 32 03:25:47 Briory Curtis Hunters Bog Trotters F
69 90 03:26:59 Ian Hamilton Cosmics MV50
70 27 03:27:20 Tom Harris Unattached M
71 55 03:27:26 Neil Gilmour Carnethy MV50
72 76 03:27:35 Nigel Fowler Fife AC MV40
73 9 03:27:43 Alasdair Macinnes Jura AC M
74 67 03:28:51 Colin MacDougal Tinto Hill Runners MV40
75 86 03:28:58 Clive Roberts Fife AC MV50
76 154 03:30:19 Mark Hartree Carnethy MV40
77 23 03:30:58 Christopher Hill British Military Fitness MV50
78 75 03:31:05 Kirsty Bryan-Jones Dark Peak Fell Runners FV40
79 157 03:31:19 Hugh Kerr Unattached MV50
80 101 03:32:52 Andrew McBride Westerlands  MV40
81 33 03:33:44 Lee Murphy Carnethy MV40
82 71 03:34:35 Pat Bartlett Interlopers MV40
83 118 03:34:37 Mehan McNab Unattached M
84 121 03:34:55 Diana Challands Unattached F
85 124 03:35:12 Martin Coopland ADAC MV40
86 148 03:35:57 Andrew Howett Fife AC M
87 143 03:37:06 Dave Turner Lomond Hill Runners MV40
88 50 03:37:13 Eddie Balfour Moorfoot Runners MV50
89 117 03:37:14 Alex McMaster St Andrews Uni Cross C. M
90 81 03:37:26 Mike Brooks Penicuik Harriers MV50
91 128 03:37:46 Raeanne Miller Oban Mountain Goats F
92 95 03:37:55 Steven McFarlane Carnethy MV40
93 112 03:38:00 Charlie Blair Unattached M
94 24 03:39:29 James Ashworth Ochil Hill Runners MV40
95 25 03:39:29 Peter Buchanan Ochil Hill Runners MV50
96 17 03:42:01 Alex Kinninmonth Unattached M
97 85 03:45:03 Ian Hawkins Fife AC MV50
98 153 03:45:48 Aron Price Westerlands  M
99 87 03:46:22 Euan MacKinnon Carnethy MV40
100 64 03:46:42 Matthijs Metselaar Unattached M
101 19 03:47:38 Gerald Angus Keith & District MV50
102 66 03:47:40 Ian Poolman Glenrothes Tri MV40
103 146 03:47:40 Richard Gallagher Unattached M
104 13 03:48:05 Mary Lye Carnethy FV40
105 8 03:48:52 Craig Rozga Jura AC M
106 89 03:49:00 Gio MacDonald Carnethy MV40
107 139 03:50:03 Colin Wilson Lomond Hill Runners MV50
108 82 03:52:26 Graham Brown Macclesfield Harriers MV40
109 110 03:52:40 Christopher McKiddie Westerlands  M
110 65 03:52:51 Kevin Banks Unattached M
111 16 03:52:59 Oliver Eatough Metro Aberdeen M
112 129 03:53:02 Sam Jones Oban Mountain Goats M
113 94 03:53:31 Stewart Ward Tinto Hill Runners MV40
114 126 03:53:38 Katy Baxter Ochil Hill Runners FV40
115 100 03:54:33 Lorna Ascroft Carnethy F
116 73 03:55:13 Angus Bowman Lomond Hill Runners MV50
117 144 03:57:16 Iain Beedie Lomond Hill Runners MV40
118 77 03:59:20 Julie Spenceley Forth Valley Orienteers FV40
119 119 03:59:21 Allan Ferguson Forfar Road Runners M
120 116 04:00:35 Kate Darlow Gala Harriers F
121 68 04:02:56 Tim Doyle Penicuik Harriers MV50
122 167 04:03:05 Tom Barker Unattached M
123 96 04:04:03 Gordon Kennovin Unattached MV50
124 134 04:04:22 Eva Groeneveld Fife AC F
125 140 04:04:41 Joan Wilson Lomond Hill Runners FV50
126 48 04:07:18 Craig Paul Unattached M
127 47 04:07:18 Alex Ekstrom Unattached M
128 156 04:07:18 Annabel Dessain Westerlands  F
129 168 04:07:54 Jonathan Weir Unattached M
130 169 04:07:54 Adrian Robertson Unattached MV40
131 78 04:07:57 Gareth Bryan-Jones Ochil Hill Runners V70
132 142 04:07:58 Denise Burns Lomond Hill Runners FV40
133 163 04:08:44 Dave Till Skye & Lochalsh RC MV50
134 11 04:09:19 Adrian Walters Unattached MV40
135 165 04:09:29 Richard Ingram Cosmics MV40
136 44 04:10:47 Richard Toller Dundee Road Runners MV60
137 72 04:11:07 Stephen Jack Unattached M
138 137 04:11:54 Lizzie Knox Anster Haddies F
139 99 04:12:12 Chris Huntley Tinto Hill Runners MV50
140 5 04:16:04 Paul Lomas Unattached MV40
141 150 04:17:57 Luis Molero Lauderdale Limpers M
142 161 04:17:57 Alan Elder Moorfoot Runners MV50
143 88 04:18:28 Fionna MacKinnon Carnethy FV40
144 41 04:18:38 Iain Ferguson Ayrodynamic Triathlon Club MV40
145 111 04:18:46 Daniel Elswood Unattached M
146 98 04:20:22 Jo Polak Unattached FV50
147 123 04:27:53 Duncan Tunstall Deeside MV50
148 61 04:28:14 Berit Inkster Edinburgh AC F
149 166 04:28:55 Kevin Smith Lomond Hill Runners MV40
150 93 04:28:55 Andrea Wilson Penicuik Harriers FV40
151 113 04:32:30 Daniel Lynch St Andrews Uni Cross C. M
152 22 04:33:26 Michael Galloway Dundee Hawkhill Harriers MV50
153 18 04:33:26 Graeme Brown Unattached M
154 74 04:33:38 Jean Bowman Lomond Hill Runners FV50
155 91 04:35:26 Gillian Clumas Cosmics FV50
156 155 04:35:26 Krysia Smith Carnethy F
157 147 04:35:26 Gina McAllister Carnethy F
158 15 04:50:14 Tom Bowie Unattached MV60
159 149 04:50:18 Tarun Purba Unattached M
160 4 04:51:52 Alan Hendry Unattached MV40
161 6 04:57:28 Andrew Thompson Unattached MV50
162 1 05:01:29 Neil Smith Kenilworth Runners MV50
163 97 05:16:03 John Widderburn Unattached MV60
164 62 DNF Andre Von Unattached M
165 60 DNF Mitchell Fraser Edinburgh AC MV40
166 84 DNF Rod Campbell Cosmics V70
167 108 DNF Isabella Scott St Andrews Uni Cross C. F
168 29 DNF Melanie MacGregor Unattached FV40
169 10 DNF Herbie McLean Lochtayside MV60


  Male Junior 0  
  Senior 58  
  Vet 40+ 46  
  Vet 50+ 29  
  Vet 60+ 4  
  Female Junior 0  
  Senior 17  
  Vet 40+ 8  
  Vet 50+ 5  
  Vet 60+ 0  
  All VET 70+ 2  
  TOTAL FIELD (M+F+70) 169  


Insurance Cover can be seen here ; Scottish Athletics Permit


Ronie Hamilton

It is with great regret that we learnt of the death of Ronie Hamilton. Ronie was one of the founders of the race and his and Archie's influence and hard work enabled the race to become what it is now - one of the most popular races in the calendar.

A celebration of his life was held in the Monachyle Mhor and it was apparent listening to his family and friends how important the race was to Ronie.

Ronie, thanks for the race and the hard work, you will be missed ....


Thanks to Archie and Bill

The race would like to say 'thanks' to 2 old hands of the race, Archie Bennie, and Bill Baird. Archie and Bill go back to the very first days of the race; Archie, also one of the founders of the race and race secretary for many years let us know that he has decided to hand back his marshals star and hang up his jelly babies.

Bill has also been a loyal and hardworking marshal since the early days and has significantly contributed to prizes and race funds for many years.

The race committee would like to thank you for your hard work and we wish you both a happy retirement from the race.

Race Survey

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19th November

7pm Games night at Strathyre Village Hall

You'll be a fool to miss it.

Our fundraiser Games Night at the Village Hall takes place on Saturday 19th November. It's always a great night folks. All welcome - come along and support us.


equipment checks

Competitors are reminded that the race is a category AL race and as such, the organisers expect all mandatory equipment to be carried. Competitors will be required to show mandatory equipment at registration, and checks will be made prior to the race. Non-compliant competitors will be invited to withdraw from the race. (See Race Admin)









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